We Bought a Farm in Africa …

Not really.

But, we did buy a small cabin in Southeastern Oklahoma. Thankfully, my mom has a not-so-hidden agenda to get us to visit her more often. I have to admit, she may be a genius … it also helped that she gave us one of those “mom” deals that was just too good to pass up. I’m sure we will post some remodeling pictures over the next few months as we get things all ready. The cabin hasn’t been lived in for a while and I do think that some of the bugs we found in there may be straight out of Africa!

I didn’t take a lot of pictures while we were there last week, but I did capture a few things. I called our first trip there a “camping” trip because we did have to rough it just a little bit. Even though we had power and indoor plumbing — it isn’t quite like home yet.  I especially missed our Internet connection. I felt like I was living “off the grid”. We are waiting to move a lot of things into it until we get things painted.

The cabin has white countertops on the bar. Nathan says they are going away, but they make food pictures so easy!

I also fell in love with our new electric skillet. I’ve never had one. Nathan is kinda like Bubba Gump when he talks about it. Apparently, the electric skillet is one of the most versatile small kitchen appliances one can ever hope to own. Shrimp scampi, shrimp and grits, shrimp creole, fried shrimp… and so on.

We made breakfast tacos right away.

We spent a lot of time cleaning and working, but we did take some time out for fishing. Just a few miles from our new place is a lake with lots of places to fish. I think this is part of the river that flows into the lake.

I’m pretty sure there’s some fish in there. I’ve heard there are. I can’t say for sure.

We are headed back down there next week to reunite with our electric skillet and to kill more bugs. Let’s just hope that someday I get to see if we can cook some fresh fish in our skillet.


  1. Paula Setzer

    Misti, I am so proud and happy for you both! I know y’all will have loads of memories there. Hugs, Aunt Paula

  2. Gail Woolsey

    Me To. I’m really glad you bought the place. Plus it’s so nice and peaceful. You can sit on that porch and forget about everything. Can’t wait to fry fish in that skillet. Ha! Nathan has to catch it first.

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