The Dynamic Duo Drove me to Drinking

We just spent another week at the cabin in Southeastern Oklahoma. This time it was a tiny bit overwhelming as the amount of work we have ahead of us is beginning to set in a little.  We know it will be worth it in the end, but our list keeps getting longer. Plus, a recent hail storm damaged our home here in OKC quite a bit and our cars are pretty beat up as well. With so many “projects” ahead of us, we are making the most of our vacation days before we dive head-first back into reality.

I was quite lazy this week with my camera. It was sooooo hot that I really didn’t want to do anything but sit in front of an air conditioner and complain about the heat. I did go to my cousin’s annual 4th of July celebration, but I forgot my camera and could only marvel and take bad Iphone pics of the fireworks. Ugh, they just don’t do it justice. Their fireworks display was amazing!

It was one of those weeks that you have big plans and then it just gets away from you. We didn’t accomplish a lot or do half the things we planned. I would say it was a lazy week.

We did make some new friends.

So, this miniature horse and a donkey walk into a bar …

These two belong to our neighbors. Nathan calls them the Dynamic Duo. Annie and Mya don’t care what you call them. They have never seen such creatures and were sure to alert us every time they so much as looked toward our place.  I was showing my “Nanny” this picture and without missing a beat, she raised up the phone, looked sharply at Nathan and said, “they favor you a little bit.” She has a keen sense of humor sometimes.

One morning, around 8 a.m., the little horse took his big chest and started pushing on the fence. I thought he was scratching his chest for a minute or so. Then I notice that the fence was coming away from the posts and the donkey seemed to be egging him on a little. Annie and Mya were in full meltdown. So, Nathan and I waved our arms wildly and moved them back and looked at the damage. Just another push and they would be right over to visit. I was pretty sure that Annie and Mya would die of cardiac arrest if the Dynamic Duo came across the fence. That’s when Nathan’s fence-building skills went into action.

Since I grew up with a “PaPa” who believed in creative fence building, I was really impressed with Nathan’s ability to improvise right on the spot. I was not the only one who was impressed.

“This guy really knows how to fix a fence!”

Along with new fence building techniques, I learned how to enjoy the best “camp cocktails” as well. I’m always fighting bugs when I make a fruity drink. So, Nathan got some Mason jars with lids. Pour in your favorite drink and shake it up with ice to chill — then cap it with a lid to keep out the bugs and gnats. It worked so well! I like the plastic lids, but if you need to strain your drink, you can use the metal lids and poke holes in one of the flats to use like a shaker. The possibilities are endless :-). Use small jars if you like wine. Or, go ahead and pour your wine in the big jars — I won’t judge.

I’m still hoping to do “before and after” pictures of some of the cabin renovations, but we won’t officially start those until the middle of August. I’m glad because it’s a 120 degrees in the shade right now and I just can’t take the heat or the bugs or the lack of high speed internet … oh woe is me. I’m a little emotional that vacation is over and I go back to work tomorrow. Hope your summer is as entertaining as a miniature horse and a donkey!


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