It’s 82 Degrees & I just might make it…

I’ve never been so sick of Oklahoma summer temperatures. But now that we have a cold front, well, hope springs eternal. I love Fall.

I’ve been working so much that I haven’t posted anything for awhile. I would like to say that it might get better, but I’m pretty sure my work hours are going to stay the same.

Here are a few things that I thought I might share since I last posted.

Just when I decided to turn my back on carbs, Nathan learned to make bread.

There are not pictures to post. I swear, I don’t know what happened to all that bread!

Just when I decided I didn’t mind getting old, I turned 40. Ugh. Curses. Crapola.

So, I ate this.

Technically, I didn’t eat the whole thing, I let Nathan have a bite.

In other culinary news, our friend Tim has concocted the food equivalency of crack. I’m sure you are not surprised that the recipe includes bacon.


The recipe is simple. Get a jar of pepperoncini peppers and wrap them snugly with bacon. Secure bacon with toothpicks (that have been soaked in water, preferably). Throw them on the grill or put them into an oven. Use a blow torch. Whatever you have to do to get these things cooked — do it! They are yummy.

Tim thinks they pair well with Coors Light. I think they pair well with just about anything! So simple and so delicious! I swear it!

The only other thing I’ve recently discovered is that my husband was Pinterest before Pinterest was cool. Or, he’s the male equivalency of Martha Stewart minus the millions and millions of dollars and a stint in the slammer! We went to the cabin recently and …

Nathan made citronella mason jar lanterns so we could sit on the porch and be West Nile free. I appreciate this trait very much. If I had a magazine, I would put him on the cover every single month.


  1. Gail Woolsey

    loved the lights on the porch. Nasthan did a great job. They put off a nice romantic glow for the Music show we enjoyed.

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