If I had a Personal Assistant …

If I had a personal assistant, I believe I would write more. I believe I would take more pictures. I would tell my personal assistant to edit photos continually and to bring me more pumpkin spice lattes. I would also tell my assistant, Florencio — I think that would be his name — to write down all the wonderful recipes that Nathan cooks and to email them to me once they were edited and ready to post. I would drink my latte, write a few funny lines and click a few buttons. I would definitely make him take care of our crazy, out-of-control dogs!

But, reality creeps in and Florencio is but a distant dream. Distant, as in, it ain’t happening. Thankfully, I occasionally download my own photos and spend a moment or two on this page. Thankfully, Nathan still cooks wonderful recipes for me to not write down.

But, if Florencio existed, my Thanksgiving photos would already be up. I would have already told you about our trip to the cabin and how Nathan cooked most of the food we ate right on the campfire.

Dutch oven pic for blog

My personal assistant did not take notes on what was in these pans. I should fire him.

The one thing I learned from watching Nathan cook on the campfire was that the correct technique involves shoveling coals instead of using an open flame. I would have built a big fire under these pans and everything would have burned. But, Nathan has the patience I lack. He also has the good sense to learn how to do things before he does them. I usually just have a very broad open plan in place like … maybe I’m gonna cook some stuff on the fire. Shovel? Oh wait, did anyone bring a shovel? Or pans?

Dutchoven 2 for Blog

Nathan restores a lot of cast iron. These pans looked like they were headed to the trash, but he has some sort of magic that he works and then they look brand new. One of these belonged to my great-grandfather.

Fire pic for Blog

The best part about cooking outside is that you need a campfire. Most of our time at the cabin was spent sitting around the campfire.  Fire scares away the vermin. That’s what I tell myself anyway.

And, to top off any successful trip to the woods, one must have a little bit of that “high lonesome sound” and a good hound dog. It looks like Annie is pleading with him to teach her to play the dobro.

Nathan annie dobro

If only Florencio had been there to take notes on what song Nathan was playing… or maybe Annie thinks Nathan is Florencio.




  1. Gail Woolsey

    I would be your Personal Assistant. What does it pay. Will Nathan cook, do the dogs bite, what about the loud Music, will there be plenty of food.

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