The best of both worlds

In keeping up with my tradition of posting once every three months, give or take, I felt I should get that Merry Christmas post moved down the page a little. I hope that all three of my readers are doing well. This past week was my Spring Break and I assure you it could not have come at a better time. Work has been particularly stressful and I needed to shut the door on that side of my mind for a bit.

So, we headed to the cabin for a few days of relaxing and visiting family. Despite a quick trip to the emergency room (with my Nanny who seems to be better now) and one cursed conversation with a heartless operator from Medicare Part D concerning prescription benefits for my grandmother, we were able to unplug and have some fun. I did learn that my definition of relaxation and Nathan’s definition don’t really jive. I like to read and sleep, he likes hiking. When combined, hiking while sleeping or reading can be very dangerous depending on the trail.

In between visiting with family and dog wrangling, we went to Beaver’s Bend State Park to do an easy short hike. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m not really the “hiking kind” — to say the least. But, I tried to put on a happy face and except for the excruciating pain and my concern that first responders were not going to be able to get to me quickly when I broke my ankle, I think it went well.

DSC_0089Nathan had a really hard time keeping up with me. He kept stopping to smell the roses. In opposite world, all that is true.

DSC_0076We had to cross treacherous rivers by crossing fallen timbers. Not really.

DSC_0078This is really more representative of the hiking trail we chose.

DSC_0072The scenery was very pretty even though the Spring colors were missing. The next day, I pulled my sore body out of bed at the crack of mid-morning to go fishing. On our fishing trip, Nathan caught a lot of fish and I only caught one tiny fish — ON OPPOSITE DAY! I totally redeemed myself on our fishing trip and I’m sure that Nathan is crushed though he’s hiding it well.

Then, to wrap up our week, we came back to the city for a completely different experience. Nathan was playing dobro with our friend Clay at my favorite venue, the Blue Door.  Amazingly, they were opening a show there for Bill Carter, Charlie Sexton and Will Sexton. Charlie Sexton is one our favorites and we listen to his music around our house on a regular basis. Not to mention that he has been Bob Dylan’s guitarist for some time. I’m rarely star struck, but this time I was. I’ve seen Will play several times here in Oklahoma City and in Austin and I always love his songs. But, the chance to see Charlie play in an intimate setting was so great. I didn’t know much about Bill Carter, but I quickly realized I’ve heard many of his songs through the years and I love that he collaborates and co-writes with his wife.

So, to wrap up the night, Clay, Nathan and the cello player they met the night before the gig, totally killed it! And, Charlie and Will were totally awesome. And, I’m so glad I got to see Bill Carter play. Plus, we got to hang out with some great friends and we stayed out way past our bedtime.


Clay Berkes


Nathan Lanier


Will and Charlie Sexton


Charlie Sexton



It seems to me that we had the best of both worlds this week.

Spring is coming folks … I can almost smell it in the air.


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