The Urban Hiker

We have been walking around our fair city lately and today we found a real gem.

We went to Martin Nature Park. Surrounded by city on all sides, it really is an oasis. I’m pretty sure that the word “hiking” isn’t really what we were doing today. However, it makes me feel like I’m doing more than walking. So here are some photos from our  walk hike in the middle of the city forest.

Nathan took this pic

prickly pear cact

Prickly Pear Cactus

flower in field



native plant sign

I don’t need a lot of encouragement to stay on the trail!

poison ivy sign

I don’t touch the three-leaf or five-leaf plants and we are all okay.

river turtles

We saw lots of turtles!

public service annc

This is your public service announcement for the day.

narrow bird house

This is a home for narrow, skinny birds.

deer in woods

We saw a deer. This is right before he ran for his life.

dry creek

Due to recent flooding, Dry Creek isn’t so dry.


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