Don’t feed the squirrels

I walked by this sign today at the zoo and I laughed. Here’s why… When I was a kid, we often had pets. Not just dogs and cats, but pets like chickens, guineas, pigs, toads, rabbits, deer or any other species that might need saving because they were sick or orphaned. We would nurse them … [Read more…]

Hike, Eat, Fish

Our vacation this summer wasn’t all work and no play.  We got up super early one morning and headed out to Beavers Bend. We have been doing a little bit of hiking here and there. So, this was my chance to get through a trail without crying and making false promises to God like, “God, … [Read more…]

How ’bout this Post

Recently, I sent Nathan off with my camera asking him to take some pictures because it was just too hot for me to continue living. Whine, whine, whine. When I downloaded the photos. This was on there. I’m officially impressed! So, here’s a post. At least it’s a pretty post.

A Wood Bee or a Has Been?

Last summer at the cabin, I noticed some perfectly round holes in the front porch wood. I asked Nathan about it and he mumbled something about aging lumber, timbers and knots falling out… blah, blah blah. Whatever. A few days later I noticed a bee going into one of those holes. I thought about how … [Read more…]

WE had a Working Vacation

Now would be a good time to remind everyone that when I use the word “WE” — it often means Nathan. It’s a word I use very loosely. WE often means  I photographed him doing something or that I provided cool drinks and lots of moral support. There are times that the word WE is … [Read more…]