Hike, Eat, Fish

Our vacation this summer wasn’t all work and no play.  We got up super early one morning and headed out to Beavers Bend. We have been doing a little bit of hiking here and there. So, this was my chance to get through a trail without crying and making false promises to God like, “God, I will never hike again if you safely deliver me to an air conditioned restaurant that serves pizza right this very minute!”

No tears were shed on this trail. But, there were plenty of tears later. What the photo doesn’t show are thousands of chiggers just waiting for my ankles to walk by at a leisurely pace. Apparently, my skills at applying bug spray before 7 a.m., are not that great.

Nevertheless, I’m officially enjoying our hikes.

Chigger Trail

I affectionately call this Chigger Trail.

We hiked a portion of two trails. It was relatively easy terrain and quite pretty. We were the first ones on the trail so we saw lots of wildlife. I missed taking photos of the deer we saw because I was pretty sure they were Black Bear or Bigfoot. We found several Woodpeckers — my extensive bird knowledge leads me to believe this is a Pileated Woodpecker – meaning, I took a moment to look it up on Google.


Then two more sharing tree.


Then, we ran into the Official Small Mammal of Texas. Which is only fitting when you are in Broken Bow. I didn’t check his license plates, but I think he was out cabin shopping.

armaHe actually scared the crap out of me when he ran right over my shoe!

Again, I was sure it was a Black Bear or Bigfoot coming through the woods. Maybe both. You know, maybe they team up like Butch Cassidy and  the Sundance Kid or Pancho and Lefty? A Black Bear and Bigfoot terrorizing the trails… I’m a little jumpy in the woods, obviously.


This is the part of the hike where I pretended  I didn’t know Nathan. I have no idea who the idiot is climbing across the stream and up the side of a bluff. I don’t know who that guy is who acts like he has 21 year old knees. Quit following me stranger! Not to mention, I kept losing him all day anyway because he wore a shirt the exact color of the landscape!

The biggest surprise was that we came off the trail and had a little picnic before going fishing. I was expecting a cheese sandwich, but Nathan had, of course, done something a little more special. If you are like me, and you can appreciate that a box of wine and a plastic cup is the perfect way to enjoy a nice glass of wine in the woods — it’s even more special. We found a great place to sit and eat. We had smoked almonds, marinated olives, honey goat cheese, smoked gouda, dried figs, apricot preserves, crackers and cheap wine — it was a perfect picnic!

picnic1 picnic2 picnic3 picnic4


Fishing was next on our list.


This chair was just sitting there when we arrived. It was like the river knew I was coming!

Nathan has a way of blending in with the scenery.

Nathan has a way of blending in with the scenery.

I should probably mention that no Armadillos, Black Bears, Bigfoot, Woodpeckers and unfortunately, FISH were harmed in the making of this blog.

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