Happy Birthday Fairweather

It was one of those weekends that leave you feeling kind of warm and fuzzy. The kind of weekend you spend with good friends ¬†laughing and eating and drinking good wine. Okay, I guess the warm fuzzy feelings could technically be the wine and the lack of sleep. In any case, our friend Brent has … [Read more…]

Hotter than blue blazes

Labor Day weekend was a hot one in Southeastern Oklahoma. So we figured we should get right out there in the heat and thumb our nose at the sun.¬†I talk tough, but I’m definitely a fair-weather outdoors person. In fact, I hate the heat and pray for winter each year. Nathan loves summer and truly … [Read more…]

On his own…

Last week I sent Nathan to the cabin alone. He was voted off the island. Exiled to the country. Get outta here boy and take those dogs with you! Just kidding. He decided to go to the cabin a few days early before I joined him for Labor Day weekend. I think he wanted peace … [Read more…]