Happy Birthday Fairweather

It was one of those weekends that leave you feeling kind of warm and fuzzy. The kind of weekend you spend with good friends  laughing and eating and drinking good wine. Okay, I guess the warm fuzzy feelings could technically be the wine and the lack of sleep. In any case, our friend Brent has a birthday on October 1st. It’s the big 4-0. He and his family live in Odessa, but his wife planned his birthday party in OKC so they could see friends and celebrate the fact  we are all getting older than dirt.

brent singing


Case in point… On Saturday morning, my friend Camille sent me a text to ask what time the party started. I innocently said 1:00 p.m. Her response: “Is this a party for senior citizens?” She had a point I admit. But, the reality was, there was a mid-day OU football game and everyone needed to be at the location of the party before the game started.

Brent and family arrived Friday night so the guys could try to get in a recording session before Saturday’s party. I don’t know a lot about recording, but what I do know makes me think they can be quite tedious. I never count the number of cords they have running all over the room, but I usually trip over every one of them at least once.  Warren wore the best shirt of the weekend and Brent, as usual, was traveling with an entire music studio in his car. I was particularly impressed with this microphone set up. I don’t know what it is, but I know I like it.

warrenmic pic

On Saturday, we started early. The weather was perfect. OU won the game so everyone was happy — especially Nathan. He’s a huge football fan — never misses a game! Except, not really. I’m pretty sure he’s never watched a football game.

Nathan Sky

 Our friend Clay cooked up some sausage, tenderloin and salmon on the grill. It was great.

salmonBusta was extremely interested in the food. In fact, other than a few moments of pure bliss when he was getting his back scratched by some pretty ladies, he was intensely focused on the food. Busta belongs to Tony, who hosted the party. What a good boy — both Tony and Busta.


Busta. Also known as Busta, MOVE!

Busta was extremely interested in red velvet chocolate cake. But, then again, who isn’t? This cake was so good. I made it from scratch. Meaning, I scratched down the number of a local bakery and placed an order for pick up.


Brent’s nickname is Fairweather among this group. I don’t know all the details of how it came to be, but I’m sure it’s a funny story.

The evening ended as it usually does when Brent’s around … in song.  Camille amazed the crowd with  several tunes and then the guitar was passed around the rest of the night.


brent camille use

Brent and Camille

brent singing 2

Brent and Erol singing

fire camilleWhile there was a moment around 2 a.m.,  that I felt like a 1:00 p.m., party and a trip to Furr’s Cafeteria might be in my ideal plan for my next birthday party, I had a great time. I’m so thankful that Tony hosted and so blessed with such a large group of friends with so many great memories. We are still making memories, in fact!

One of the best parts of Brent’s birthday was  everyone got news  Duy and Winnie are expecting their first child. We are all so excited for them.

Brent Duy


Awwww man, here comes those warm fuzzy feelings again!

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  1. Brent Pendleton

    Thanks Misti for the wonderful time and all of these great photos. Best birthday ever, but dang do I ever need a slow week! You’re the best, talk soon!

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