On his own…

Despite needing rain badly, there's still some color.

Despite needing rain badly, there’s still some color.

Last week I sent Nathan to the cabin alone. He was voted off the island. Exiled to the country. Get outta here boy and take those dogs with you! Just kidding. He decided to go to the cabin a few days early before I joined him for Labor Day weekend. I think he wanted peace and relaxation. I also think he wanted to cook a bunch of meat! I’ve been meat free since January (still eat fish though!) and I think he wanted to live a little.

He took both dogs with him because I didn’t want Mya to be left alone all day while I was working and we all know that I can’t handle both dogs without physical and emotional support. I was very sad when they all left. But then I drove through Starbucks and consoled myself with a skinny latte. Then, I met a good friend for dinner and wine. And, then I Skyped until 2 a.m., with another friend. I watched stupid shows on TV and lived dangerously by shopping for good granola all over town. I’m a rebel Dottie.

Truthfully, I didn’t like Nathan being gone one bit. I did send my camera with him just to see what  he might capture —  you know, like bacon cooking over an open fire or a hamburgers on the grill. He didn’t get any of those shots. And, unfortunately, he did not record any photos of our famously comfortable blow up bed springing a leak at 3 a.m. I’m not being sarcastic at all when I say “famously comfortable” — we loved that bed!  I got a text from Nathan at 8 a.m., after his first night at the cabin letting me know he was in search of “sleeping solutions” — It was around 8 p.m., that same night when he let me know that the problem was finally solved. The story involved a mattress flying off the top of a speeding mini van twice in scorching hot weather and the help of a good samaritan — but I would have a place to sleep when I arrived for Labor Day! What a hero!

So here’s a few things that happened before I arrived …


We still have bugs. But we didn’t see a lot of those pesky bees.


Suddenly, I’m no longer worried about bugs and bees! What the heck is this?????

Nathan did some muscadine grape cuttings.

Nathan did some muscadine grape cuttings.

Mya made a new friend. There are now two miniature horses next door. Mya likes them and Annie hates them.

Mya made a new friend. There are now two miniature horses living next door. Mya likes them and Annie hates them.

I call this one Rihanna.

I call this one Rihanna.


  1. Gail Woolsey

    The new horse is quite pretty. Somewhat like Rhianna. Annie don’t like anything so don’t worry. I still love the bed story , I only wish they all knew the whole thing it is quite funny. Only Nathan.

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