Playlist Page Updates: Loretta by Townes Van Zandt

I’ve been updating my Playlist page to be a little more user friendly for me to post to regularly. Thanks to our friend Erik, he helps me figure out things for this site. Because, I have to say that when I read message boards about how to do something on WordPress, my brain instantly turns to mush. Then, I email Erik and he makes it sound like it’s so easy. Therefore, you may see some random posts about songs on my front page. Do not be alarmed. Just go listen to them and if you don’t like them, that’s okay too. We can still be friends.

Loretta by Townes Van Zandt

TVZI keep meaning to add a Townes Van Zandt song here, but it’s so hard to choose just one. He’s one of my all-time favorites and if you haven’t seen Heartworn Highways, a movie made back in the 70s with Townes, Guy Clark and several other songwriters, you should see it immediately. There are many lines worth quoting from that movie. The soundtrack of the same name is also great. Townes’ songs are amazing and he definitely died too soon. If you like great songwriting, look him up. Or, if you are like me and need to dust off some old tunes and relax, make sure to listen to Loretta.

Oh loretta she’s a barroom girl
Wears them sevens on her sleeve
Dances like a diamond shines
Tell me lies I love to believe
Her age is always 22
Her laughing eyes a hazel hue
Spends my money like water falls
Loves me like I want her to — Townes Van Zandt

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