Wash Out

Nathan and Annie went early to the cabin to have lots of fun before I joined them for my Fall break. Just to be perfectly clear — Annie is our dog. She’s not our child. Though, my estimation is that triplets could not be any more demanding than this one little dog. But that’s another post entirely.

So, Nathan arrived at the cabin on Sunday evening and it started to rain Monday morning.

Raindrop2It rained. And then it rained some more.

Annie watch rainFor awhile Nathan and Annie enjoyed the peacefulness of a long slow rain. They were grateful for the rain.

yardEverything was green and they looked at the yard and felt calm. They listened to the drops of rain fall against the tin roof like a  drum. It was so soothing.

annie looks backBut then… it continued to rain. Boredom set in and Annie grew frustrated. Nathan grew discontent. And so they sat. They listened to the rain pelting the tin roof like a drum.  Come to find out, there is only so much chili one man and one dog can eat.

rain drop 1And after three days of rain — it stopped raining. Just in time for me to arrive on Wednesday for sunny skies and tons of fun adventure. I was walking on sunshine. Nathan and Annie are still a little damp and slightly chilled about the whole experience.


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