Feliz “Naughty” Dogs

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all our family and friends! I actually sent a paper cards to a few of you this year. Proof that Christmas miracles really do happen. When I told Nathan my goal was to have the most ridiculous Christmas card EVER he was, of course, very supportive! Hence, we found … [Read more…]

Sweet Annie

We’ve been snowed in … with Annie. Annie loves the snow. February 2011:   December 2013: Annie definitely makes things a little more interesting — even when you’re stuck inside for days on end!

Wayside/Back in Time by Gillian Welch

I’m currently snowed in and I have a pretty good case of cabin fever. However, I have spent a large amount of my time listening to Gillian Welch and wishing I could write songs like her. She calms my spirit. I’m particularly enchanted with Wayside/Back in Time from her album Soul Journey. It’s a great … [Read more…]

Happy Thanksgiving … a Little Late

We had little to no internet access during Thanksgiving week, so I’m a little late with my greeting. We had a quiet week at the cabin where we experienced some very cold temperatures and a little ice. I buried my nose in a book for a couple of days and tried to relax.