Happy Thanksgiving … a Little Late

We had little to no internet access during Thanksgiving week, so I’m a little late with my greeting. We had a quiet week at the cabin where we experienced some very cold temperatures and a little ice. I buried my nose in a book for a couple of days and tried to relax.



We have plenty to be thankful for this year and Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday. It’s the calm, before the storm. And by storm, I mean Christmas. I’m not a big fan of Christmas and the stress it brings … especially all the shopping and families spending money they don’t have and so on. In fact, several years ago we started trying to approach our Christmas a little differently.

We try to make most gifts. Usually, it’s some sort of food we hope people will enjoy. And, we buy less for each other and instead sponsor an “angel” from my school who would not get Christmas without our support. Shopping for our Christmas Angel is often the most fun we have during the holidays. I’m sure I will continue have my annual Christmas breakdown, but simplifying things has certainly helped in that area.

Now, back to Thanksgiving. It was simple too. We read. We watched movies. We planted trees (by WE, I mean Nathan planted trees). We cooked a vegetarian Thanksgiving meal. We baked a pecan pie in a dutch oven. We hiked a little. We saw family. We blinked and the week was over.

Here’s a few pics from the week:


I always have at least one Bigfoot sighting!

woods nate water river


There’s a pecan pie in that Dutch oven!




  1. Gail Woolsey

    We don’t want you to have to shop. We don’t care about gifts, just getting to see you and Nathan is enough. Wish you were here longer we would bake and make candy together.

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