Oklahoma is not for the Faint of Heart

I had two weeks off for the holidays. In that two weeks, I experienced extreme highs and lows. By that, I’m not talking about my mood – I’m talking about the weather. We had an ice storm, then snow, then rain and then we went hiking in long-sleeve shirts.

Dear Mother Nature:

Please be kind and gentle. Thank you.


Your Fair-Weather Friend

This is my favorite picture of our trip.

photoMy holiday break started with a pretty nasty ice storm. It was kinda like the ice storm after the ice storm right before the ice storm. I feel sorry for people who move to Oklahoma and have no idea what they are getting into. While we are a pretty cool group of people, our weather really is a fascinating mix of extremes. It’s always something … ice, heat, tornados and lately, there’s a fair mix of earthquakes. I’m not sure that earthquakes are classified as a weather event, but they sure are strange. We had one of those during holiday break too.

ice 1

ice tree down

Our neighbor’s tree fell over because of the ice.

As per usual, we headed down the Indian Nation Turnpike for most of the break. We always try to get out and do something outside. So, we explored Pine Creek Lake and did some hiking at Beaver’s Bend.

lake sky

This was at Pine Creek Lake one afternoon. It was so calm it looked like glass.

river sun

This is where I used to go fishing when I was younger.river



We explored a little in Beaver’s Bend State Park and checked out part of the David Boren Hiking Trail and a little part of the Skyline Trail. Nathan explored while I died of exhaustion. At one point going up a hill, we met a couple walking down who were probably in their late 50s — you know, like wayyyy older than me. They could clearly see I needed encouragement. I tried to pretend, “hey this is no big deal, I’m breathing like this on purpose.” But, I think my red, winded face gave me away. They said, “you’re almost there and then it’s all downhill.” They were right. The views were gorgeous and it was downhill from there. It was worth the wheezing and gasping to see.


I made Nathan pose for the tourist shot.



I also found a new trail marker which I loved! It’s the little details  I really appreciate.


Doesn’t this guy just make you wanna take a walk?



brown picdavid boren sign

Amidst our sight-seeing, we got to visit with family. We spent Christmas around a campfire and I learned a valuable lesson. If choosing between training crazy dogs to wear reindeer horns or teaching kids how to pose with their grandmother for a nice Christmas portrait, choose the dogs! The dogs cooperated a lot better.


If this picture had sound, you would be holding your ears right now. I think my Nanny’s expression says it all!


Happy new year! May your campfires burn brightly this year. And, can we go ahead and ask for a gentle spring and a mild summer or am I pushing my luck?


  1. Gail Woolsey

    I thought we made ya’ll mind very well. We got you to all stand perfectly. However there was only four of you. It may be that they just needed training at an early age so as to know what to do. We’ll try again later.

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