Happy Easter and Keep Your Shirt On…

misti easter cake

For the life of me I can’t figure out what I had against wearing clothes as a child. However, around 50 percent of all childhood photos of me, I’m shirtless… or pantless… or both.  Take this picture, for example. Taken on easter when I was around four or five– sans shirt and pants.

Easter has always been my “Nanny’s” favorite holiday. Each and every year she made me — and my cousins once they were born– a coconut Easter cake. She dyed the coconut green and bought candy eggs to place in the center like a basket. It was a highlight of our Easter each year.

As an adult, I say each year that I’m going to make the Easter cake, but so far I haven’t. Work and life always gets in the way.  One of these days though, I’m gonna surprise you with a perfect cake picture and recipe. When that day comes, I promise  I WILL be wearing ALL of my clothes in the photos! You’re welcome.

Hope you all have had a blessed Easter full of traditions and family.

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  1. Gail Woolsey

    You were a child of the 70’s. Did your own thing, And your own thing was mostly clothes-less. You ran your ranch and we did what you said. Love you.

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