A Long Pause


To my three regular readers:

I’m on a break. In case you have noticed I haven’t been posting, I would like you to know it’s a purposeful pause. I’m pausing to collect my thoughts. I’m pausing to wrestle with my muse. I’m pausing to better balance work and real life. Whatever the reason, I’m definitely stuck on “pause” right now. I’m sure I will be back sometime soon. Maybe I’ll be back with a recipe for an herbal cure for chapped elbows or some amazing dog whispering techniques, or random stories about squirrels. For now, I’m staying on pause for a little while longer.


  1. Gail Woolsey, aka Aunt G

    Well I for one am a little let down. The only thing I had to look forward to in my old life and , be durned if you ain’t cut that out, now what am I gonna read. This Sh– in the News Papers is depressing. Get off your Happy Trails and Walking in Nature and Eating Boars head Pizza or some such Crap and get to writing Girl! Times a wasting. My Spell Check is Screaming on this here Computer, It’s flashing a sign that says Idiot Typing Be ware! Love you Much, Aunt Gail

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