I’m Back. Definitely. Maybe.

Dear Gentle Reader:

I have commitment issues. If I have this little space, I should post. But I don’t want to commit to doing it daily, weekly or even monthly. I originally put the blog on pause while I completely deconstructed my life and put it back together in a different shape. I had planned to make writing a priority by now, but as the saying goes… that’s life. Original. I know.

So, in short. We are about to have a busy few weeks ahead. I plan to document them in some sort of fashion. So, I’m back here. I figure I should update you with a bulleted list of changes in our world and then we can move forward. I will try not to bore you with the details. Be warned, there are ups and downs in this list.

Since you last heard from me on this site, the following things occurred:

  • I quit my big-girl job with no safety net. Scary stuff, but it has worked out.
  • We sold our house and moved to our cabin in the woods – 3 1/2 hours from OKC. It’s so pretty!
  • We opened a liquor/wine store in a small town.
  • I still work via computer and cell phone – really sketchy, questionable cell phone service — for the school I worked at previously. There’s that safety net I was needing!
  • Nathan remodeled the kitchen in our cabin and it’s amazing. I love it!
  • Nathan got bit by a tick — he’s been sick ever since. I don’t want to diagnose him on this website because the government says that Lyme Disease doesn’t exist in our state. But, he’s been sick since the bite and it’s been fairly life changing.
  • This is completely related to the last bulleted item, but it warrants it’s own space. Because of a tick bite, Nathan can no longer eat mammal meat. Let that sink in for a bit and I’ll come back to it.
  • We killed six copperhead snakes in our front yard this past July. By “we” – I mean Nathan killed six copperhead snakes while I cried hysterically. Six. SIX! Our neighbors across the fence then killed four in one night. Do the math. That’s hundreds of snakes as far as I’m concerned and at least 10 too many.
  • Then, I got out my spreadsheets and checkbook and bought a house in town. I already wanted to live closer to our business. I was driving 30 minutes each way and I felt the snakes were like some kind of biblical sign we should be living closer to civilization. Nathan wasn’t sold on the idea of living in a small town, but didn’t want to live alone with the thousands of snakes, so he moved to town too. We are keeping the cabin and once I’m convinced the snakes are gone, we will use it for fun things with out friends. If we can convince any of our friends to visit since now they all know about the millions of snakes living on our property.
  • I have joined a self-help group hoping to get rid of my proclivity for hyperbole! Try saying that three times in a row… really fast!
  • Nathan is still gigging in OKC and sometimes in the Hochatown area not far from where we live. Between his gigs and my work in OKC, one of us is always going somewhere. We’re like strangers in the night … passing glances… that’s the second Frank Sinatra line in this post — completely unplanned!
  • I’ve been fortunate to have time to write more songs and Nathan has been playing gigs maybe more than ever. It’s fun, but exhausting.
  • We see our friends a lot because they love to visit this beautiful area and we’ve made some great new friends too!
  • Our sweet angel dogs — Annie and Mya — got in a pretty serious fight and are no longer allowed to spend time together. Annie likes to start a fight and Mya likes to finish it with her street smarts from the OKC shelter. So, we do a lot of dog-juggling and Mya spends a lot of time with us at the store.  Annie’s relationship with Nathan has deepened and I’m pretty sure she’s going to get his name tattooed across her chest. I know he will reciprocate the gesture.
  • We are heading to Key West, Florida soon for a music festival. Nathan is playing it and I’m looking forward to warm weather and good music.

Despite the twists and turns and changes – most days, when I’m not craving sushi or a vegan donut or having my groceries delivered to my front door – I’m glad we completely changed our world. We needed it! We have built a business and had a lot of fun along the way. There’s so much more that I have forgotten and will wish later that I had included, but for now, I’m leaving it at that.

Take Care,


PS — Yes, mammals are cows, pigs, deer, elk, whales, etc. We eat chicken and fish a lot these days.

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