Begin as you intend to go on

We started February with a lot to do. With a Key West trip imminent, and gigs and jobs and our business – I really needed a nerve pill. Instead, we just got started. On February 2nd, Nathan played a Blue Door show with some of our favorite folks and I must say my heart was full at the end of the evening. Raina Cobb opened the show with Nathan and Scott Hunt accompanying her and then Ben Brock was the headliner. It sold out a few days before so we knew it would be a packed house. The amazing part to me is how intently folks listen at this venue and on that particular night — to be cheesy — there was just a lot of love in the room. Ben indulged me with three songs I had co-written. I’m so uncomfortable when that is acknowledged – I’m awkward anyway, but that really makes me want to run and hide and come out when the song is over.  Which, I would be remiss to not mention that Ben’s album is called Who I Am and you should buy it. Buy copies for your friends – you will not be disappointed.

I took Aunt Gail with me to OKC for the show. We had a good time. Annie, Nathan’s dog, was not happy to see me show up on the scene. She travels with him when he plays music and she is really pretty possessive of their time together. She tolerates me and gazes adoringly at Nathan. We saw some great friends and it really was a great show.

It’s important to note that about 8 months prior to this show, we had been asked to go to Key West for some gigs. We enthusiastically agreed and decided it would be great fun to drive. You know, road trip. Like Thelma and Louise, Lucy and Ethel — but with a guy. In reality as our departure date approached, the idea started to seem less fun and more like a grueling 22 hour drive to Key West. I’ll update you on all that next time, but… I will tell you that in my frenzy of getting ready to go, I decided to pay all my bills. Cause, you know, I’m a responsible adult and I don’t want to worry about them on my trip. That’s how I accidentally paid off ALL of our credit card debt with the click of a button and drained my business account the day before we left for Key West. So, adult me spent a large part of our drive looking at bank accounts, moving money around and writing my first book called “How to Pay Off ALL Your Credit Card Debt in 30 Seconds or Less!” The book isn’t long — really it’s just one page! It also includes how to get through all the stages of denial, self-loathing, uncontrollable laughter and finally acceptance. I have accepted the fact that I’m an idiot!


  1. Erik

    It was great to see you guys at the Blue Door. I love your writing, more of that please. Hope to see you guys again soon.

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