Sleepless in Oklahoma

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks in a cycle of strange sleep patterns. Last week I went to my hometown for a visit with family. During part of my stay, I visited my friends Chock and Kelly. Kelly and I have a habit of staying up all night long working on various projects. We … [Read more…]

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July! It’s raining at our house today, but we are forging ahead with our plan to smoke some ribs. Yesterday, we headed out to visit friends in Chickasha. Chris and Elesha invited us to go go to a cookout party with them at Scott and Pam’s. We had a great time. The … [Read more…]

Where’ve you bean?

Please forgive me for the title of this post. We are a little unpredictable in the kitchen. One day it’s chocolate cake and the next day it’s baked oatmeal. One day it’s chicken fried steak and the next day it’s sushi. Today our plan was to smoke some ribs; instead, we made up a batch … [Read more…]

Meatloaf Needs a New Name

Here’s the thing about Meatloaf – with the exception of a “loaf” of bread, I don’t much like food with the name “loaf” in it. I am completely okay with you thinking I’m weird. But seriously … liver loaf, salmon loaf … gross. Just the word “meatloaf” makes me cringe. Just the word “loaf” alone … [Read more…]

Before and After

I don’t garden and I’m not afraid to admit it. In fact, I’ve never liked to garden. Even as a child, when my family had huge gardens, I hated helping. It’s simple really … it’s hot and there are bugs. I am one of those people. You know the type. I hate to work in … [Read more…]

I’ve had some time on my hands

We’ve been spending weekends with our friends Chris and Elesha. Right this moment, I’m listening to everyone in the kitchen working on a tile back splash. Nathan is helping them do a retro 1950s kitchen remodel. Hopefully, I’ll post some pictures soon of the whole process. Here are a few random photos I’ve taken during … [Read more…]

Dirtshoe … no, really

Drew Smith and friends at the Ghost Bar (formerly the Gingerman Pub) This time last weekend I was in Austin. I took a trip with Angee, her neighbor and long-time friend Tonie and Tonie’s sister-in-law Ashley. You still with me? I was confused for awhile myself. We also took along Precious Roy who is a … [Read more…]