Guitars and Oatmeal

It’s my fifth day of being snowbound. I would really call it icebound at this time. Nathan had to go back to work today and just called to tell me not to even think about going anywhere because all the side streets are terribly slick and hazardous. I’m not sure I trust him though. I … [Read more…]


I’m posting a picture of some ice I took right outside our front door just a little while ago. I planned on exploring the yard for beautiful ice pictures. However, when I opened the front door and the sleet hit me in the face, I was suddenly mesmerized by the photos I could get from … [Read more…]

Baked Eggs with a side of Whisky?

Note on 1/8/10: The spelling of Whskey or Whisky has been driving me nuts since this post. So, I did a little research online. It seems like it changes from country to country. Most sources said Irish Whiskey is spelled with an E. So, there. I feel better. It should say “Baked Eggs with a … [Read more…]

Basic Chocolate Cake with Walnuts

In the past seven days, I have left my house exactly two times. Granted, the two times I ventured out were for really important reasons. On Saturday, we had Christmas with Nathan’s dad and family. Then, on Sunday, Nathan declared he was going to Braums for a burger. I slid out to the truck in … [Read more…]


The snow and ice is slowly melting. You would think that I would have several holiday recipes to share, but I don’t. No excuses really. We had p0sole and empanadas for Christmas dinner. I was planning to post the empanada recipe, but they need some improving. We chose to bake them as opposed to frying, … [Read more…]

White Christmas

We’ve gotten a little bit of snow in the Oklahoma City area today. Alright, alright … we had a blizzard! It will definitely be a white Christmas. In case any friends and family check this site, I thought I would post a couple of photographs to show how much snow we have at this point. … [Read more…]

A Very Ya-Ya Christmas

Time is passing quickly as we head toward Christmas Day. I spent this past Saturday night with four great gals — Angee, Heather, Keely and Shayla. We decided to have a little party before Christmas and have appetizers and wine. I wish I had taken more photos of the food because it was great. Angee … [Read more…]