My Christmas Card Fail

We like to do a silly dog Christmas card each year. Let me tell you, this isn’t easy to do. We don’t have “easy” dogs who are obedient. They don’t cooperate at all, in fact. To top last year’s card, we wanted to add in Daisy our new cat. But, since we wanted Daisy to remain alive through the holiday season, we chose to leave her out of the photo. Annie is somewhat obsessed with her and has become quite a tenacious stalker. Mya, could care less about Daisy since she has realized this animal is like a squirrel with sharp claws.

So, I ordered a santa hat and an elf hat from Amazon… for dogs. Not my finest moment I will admit. But, I had hopes of a cute card. What I failed to realize is that with all the stress of work and social life and well, life in general…I was a little stressed for time. I ended up throwing together a picture with very little specialized dog training. We got an OKAY picture and I chose our card design. I was fairly happy with it. Though, I still felt like there was an empty space where Daisy should have been.  Can you see it too?

Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 1.57.29 PM

It’s a cute card. Except…when I got the cards in…I thought, who is May? Auto correct fail…Mya corrected to May. So that’s the story of my Christmas card fail. But, I still have dreams. Dreams of Daisy and Annie and Mya (aka May) posing as one big happy family… living in peace and harmony. Until then, I have Photoshop.

Screen Shot 2015-01-31 at 1.55.13 PM

A Long Pause


To my three regular readers:

I’m on a break. In case you have noticed I haven’t been posting, I would like you to know it’s a purposeful pause. I’m pausing to collect my thoughts. I’m pausing to wrestle with my muse. I’m pausing to better balance work and real life. Whatever the reason, I’m definitely stuck on “pause” right now. I’m sure I will be back sometime soon. Maybe I’ll be back with a recipe for an herbal cure for chapped elbows or some amazing dog whispering techniques, or random stories about squirrels. For now, I’m staying on pause for a little while longer.

Happy Easter and Keep Your Shirt On…

misti easter cake

For the life of me I can’t figure out what I had against wearing clothes as a child. However, around 50 percent of all childhood photos of me, I’m shirtless… or pantless… or both.  Take this picture, for example. Taken on easter when I was around four or five– sans shirt and pants.

Easter has always been my “Nanny’s” favorite holiday. Each and every year she made me — and my cousins once they were born– a coconut Easter cake. She dyed the coconut green and bought candy eggs to place in the center like a basket. It was a highlight of our Easter each year.

As an adult, I say each year that I’m going to make the Easter cake, but so far I haven’t. Work and life always gets in the way.  One of these days though, I’m gonna surprise you with a perfect cake picture and recipe. When that day comes, I promise  I WILL be wearing ALL of my clothes in the photos! You’re welcome.

Hope you all have had a blessed Easter full of traditions and family.

Happy Birthday Dolly!

Dolly is 68! Three years ago I posted a blog on her 65th birthday. It’s a favorite of mine, so I’m reposting it today in honor of Dolly. I’m also excited that Dolly is on tour this year with two shows scheduled in Oklahoma! I’m making plans already!

I was born a Dolly Parton fan. I didn’t want to miss this opportunity to post possibly my favorite childhood photo of all time. Well, maybe two of my favorites.

My love for Dolly was evident in that I loved wearing wigs as a child. Here I am sitting on my Aunt Gail’s lap practicing letting the crowd know I was happy to be in the spotlight, yet bashful at the same time.

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Oklahoma is not for the Faint of Heart

I had two weeks off for the holidays. In that two weeks, I experienced extreme highs and lows. By that, I’m not talking about my mood – I’m talking about the weather. We had an ice storm, then snow, then rain and then we went hiking in long-sleeve shirts.

Dear Mother Nature:

Please be kind and gentle. Thank you.


Your Fair-Weather Friend

This is my favorite picture of our trip.

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Feliz “Naughty” Dogs


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all our family and friends! I actually sent a paper cards to a few of you this year. Proof that Christmas miracles really do happen.

When I told Nathan my goal was to have the most ridiculous Christmas card EVER, he was, of course, very supportive! Hence, we found ourselves at a local craft store trying to find some ingenious way to attach reindeer horns to hyper-active dogs. We quickly came to the realization that we would have to accomplish our Christmas card dreams the old fashioned way … very specialized dog training! And, so began our adventure of “Reindeer Training” also known as “Five Minutes of Sheer Chaos.”

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Wash Out

Nathan and Annie went early to the cabin to have lots of fun before I joined them for my Fall break. Just to be perfectly clear — Annie is our dog. She’s not our child. Though, my estimation is that triplets could not be any more demanding than this one little dog. But that’s another post entirely.

So, Nathan arrived at the cabin on Sunday evening and it started to rain Monday morning.

Raindrop2It rained. And then it rained some more.

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