Good Morning Saturday!

I took a rare Saturday completely away from work today. The Arts Festival was in town and I haven’t been in a long time. So, we headed there pretty early to beat the traffic. I heard there was going to be lots of parking problems. We got there so early it was pretty easy to … [Read more…]

Good Food + Good Friends

Here are a few highlights from our culinary world lately. We made sushi again. It was delicious. I think sushi is also very photogenic. We were pretty proud of our sushi adventure. Then, our friends Duy and Winnie invited us over for dinner with some friends. Oh my!  My photos do not do justice to … [Read more…]

Welllll, welllll, well…

When my friend Duy and I haven’t seen or talked to each other in a long time, it’s customary when one of us finally breaks down and calls — the other answers the phone by saying, “Welllll, welllll, well…” So, right now anyone reading this should be saying in their head right this minute, “Welllll, welllll, … [Read more…]

Table Manners

Mya has been tested a lot lately. We had chili right before Thanksgiving. Mya loves chili. She waited oh so patiently just in case some chili might fall on the floor. It helps to touch the person who is eating so they won’t forget you are there. I think that’s her strategy anyway. I’m calling … [Read more…]

A pilgrimage of sorts …

The week after Christmas has always been my time to go home for the holidays. This year, I asked Nathan and his mom to join me in heading to Southeastern Oklahoma. It was a pilgrimage of sorts. Nathan’s mom lived in Lawrence, Kansas when Nathan and I got married at a very convenient location just … [Read more…]

Reluctantly Spiraling Toward Christmas

This is my half-hearted attempt to show some holiday spirit. This Charlie Brown Tree is by far my favorite holiday decoration ever. It’s understated. It’s simple. It’s a little tacky. It’s easy to pack away. It’s no secret among my closest friends and family that I struggle to get excited about the holiday season. I … [Read more…]

Good Morning

Woke up early this morning at my friends’ house near my hometown. This is not my friend’s house. It’s what we affectionately call — The Bunk House. I think I want to move into the bunkhouse and live forever. I can just picture Nathan in a pair of overalls sitting in that rocking chair watching … [Read more…]

Bringing home Mya

As I have mentioned in recent posts, we adopted a new puppy to keep Annie company. Her name is Mya and she has stolen my heart for sure. And, Nathan? Forget about it! He’s in love with her. I have never adopted a dog from a shelter. However, we do consider Annie to be a … [Read more…]

Twitter … I love you man

It’s no secret to my close friends that I love Twitter. Recently I found that I can scroll back through all my Twitter pics. Here are a few of my favorites. My Iphone camera is the worst, but I still love to look at where we were and what we were doing. I like to … [Read more…]