The past few weeks…

I’ve learned a lot in the last few weeks. I’ve learned that a dozen cupcakes are too many cupcakes for one birthday boy. I’ve also learned that cupcakes come in many different shapes and sizes. Our good friends Chris and Elesha came for a visit and we shared some great Greek food, some great wine … [Read more…]

Happy Birthday Nathan

Today is Nathan’s birthday. He is in the twilight of his 30’s. To take his mind off mourning the loss of his carefree and reckless youth, I brought home these: There’s not much a cupcake can’t cure. After we opened the box, I realized I had also brought home a cupcake with a Snickers Bar … [Read more…]

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Love Day to everyone. This is always a special day for Nathan and I because on our first Valentine’s Day as a couple, he really did things right. Unfortunately, because of that first Valentine’s Day, pretty much anything short of a new car or a trip to Italy just won’t compare. I am exaggerating … [Read more…]

Stolen Picture

I just snagged this from my cousin’s website. I stole it because I love this little girl and I totally fell in love with the picture as soon as I saw it. It’s snowing in my hometown. Sorry Cousin Lindsey, that I ripped off your picture and I’m sorry that you are going to have … [Read more…]

Guitars and Oatmeal

It’s my fifth day of being snowbound. I would really call it icebound at this time. Nathan had to go back to work today and just called to tell me not to even think about going anywhere because all the side streets are terribly slick and hazardous. I’m not sure I trust him though. I … [Read more…]


I’m posting a picture of some ice I took right outside our front door just a little while ago. I planned on exploring the yard for beautiful ice pictures. However, when I opened the front door and the sleet hit me in the face, I was suddenly mesmerized by the photos I could get from … [Read more…]


The snow and ice is slowly melting. You would think that I would have several holiday recipes to share, but I don’t. No excuses really. We had p0sole and empanadas for Christmas dinner. I was planning to post the empanada recipe, but they need some improving. We chose to bake them as opposed to frying, … [Read more…]

White Christmas

We’ve gotten a little bit of snow in the Oklahoma City area today. Alright, alright … we had a blizzard! It will definitely be a white Christmas. In case any friends and family check this site, I thought I would post a couple of photographs to show how much snow we have at this point. … [Read more…]

A Very Ya-Ya Christmas

Time is passing quickly as we head toward Christmas Day. I spent this past Saturday night with four great gals — Angee, Heather, Keely and Shayla. We decided to have a little party before Christmas and have appetizers and wine. I wish I had taken more photos of the food because it was great. Angee … [Read more…]