Salmon Baked in Foil

One of our favorite summertime dinners is fish baked in foil. Last night we had salmon with fresh herbs from our garden. Remember, I say OURS very loosely. I’m a garden appreciator, a garden encourager, but not a garden grower. These were pretty simple. Fish, olive oil, a pat of butter, garlic, orange slices and … [Read more…]

Sausage Stuffing

As I sit here in a post-Thanksgiving fog of pie and pumpkin bread, I should tell you that a week or two back we started planning to blog some recipes that are perfect for Thanksgiving. In fact, Nathan and I even had Fakesgiving so we could make a few dishes early to post. However, Nathan … [Read more…]

Dear Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Dear Brussels Sprouts, You are now my favorite vegetable. I feel you are often misunderstood and hated by those who have not grown to love you like I do. I’m sorry that Nathan doesn’t like you anymore because I insisted we have you for dinner too many times in a row. He no longer lets … [Read more…]

Red Beans and Rice Please

Last weekend we decided to make Red Beans and Rice. Our decision was based mainly on the fact that we were tired and we needed to make something on Sunday that would be good for dinner on Monday night too. I like it when we have solid decision-making skills. This dish is just perfect for … [Read more…]

Where’ve you bean?

Please forgive me for the title of this post. We are a little unpredictable in the kitchen. One day it’s chocolate cake and the next day it’s baked oatmeal. One day it’s chicken fried steak and the next day it’s sushi. Today our plan was to smoke some ribs; instead, we made up a batch … [Read more…]

Meatloaf Needs a New Name

Here’s the thing about Meatloaf – with the exception of a “loaf” of bread, I don’t much like food with the name “loaf” in it. I am completely okay with you thinking I’m weird. But seriously … liver loaf, salmon loaf … gross. Just the word “meatloaf” makes me cringe. Just the word “loaf” alone … [Read more…]