Wayside/Back in Time by Gillian Welch

I’m currently snowed in and I have a pretty good case of cabin fever. However, I have spent a large amount of my time listening to Gillian Welch and wishing I could write songs like her. She calms my spirit. I’m particularly enchanted with Wayside/Back in Time from her album Soul Journey. It’s a great … [Read more…]

Witness to Your Life by Lori McKenna

Witness to Your Life by Lori McKenna I have a crazy obsession with reading Lori McKenna’s lyrics. She is one of my favorite writers and I’m always so impressed that she is a mother of five who found the time to follow her passion. I’ve listened to interviews where she says she wrote many of … [Read more…]

The Way I Am by Merle Haggard

The Way I Am by Merle Haggard  I sometimes feel like Merle Haggard is my grandpa. I know it sounds strange, but I really feel like he’s a bona fide member of my family. It may be because he was my first concert when I was eight years old and the fact that I have … [Read more…]

Rain by Patty Griffin

Rain by Patty Griffin My friend Angee and I approach Patty Griffin as sort of a religion. We listen to her with great reverence. Yes, we like other artists — but then there is Patty. The song Rain is the first song I ever listened to by Patty — I went right out and bought … [Read more…]

Ain’t No Reason by Brett Dennen

Ain’t No Reason by Brett Dennen I like the lyrics in this song. His newest album is called Hope for the Hopeless. Keep on buildin’ prisons, gonna fill them all, Keep on buildin’ bombs, gonna drop them all. Working your fingers bare to the bone, Breaking your back, make you sell your soul. Like a … [Read more…]

Jesus, Etc. by Jeff Tweedy (Wilco)

Jesus, Etc. by Jeff Tweedy (Wilco)   I have always loved Wilco – especially Jeff Tweedy and especially this song. It takes me back to several trips to Austin, Texas and a great group of friends. In fact, if you don’t own Yankee Foxtrot Hotel, you should get it! Today. Seriously. It’s a great road-tripping … [Read more…]