Baked Eggs with a side of Whisky?

Note on 1/8/10: The spelling of Whskey or Whisky has been driving me nuts since this post. So, I did a little research online. It seems like it changes from country to country. Most sources said Irish Whiskey is spelled with an E. So, there. I feel better. It should say “Baked Eggs with a … [Read more…]


I’ve been gone a few days pulling my website over to WordPress. I like all the features here a little better than my Iweb. Hope those of you who have been reading will keep checking in — I’ll have some new things up and going soon. Take care!

First Blog

  Here we go! This is my first blog entry. Today, I went to lunch with my friend Angee. She got to have “grown up” lunch — meaning that she was out of the house without her two beautiful kiddos Isaac and Maxwell.    We went to eat at San Marcos and discussed Keely’s birthday … [Read more…]