I’ve been gone a few days pulling my website over to WordPress. I like all the features here a little better than my Iweb. Hope those of you who have been reading will keep checking in — I’ll have some new things up and going soon. Take care!

Banh-Mi (Beware the Fish Sauce)

  Banh-Mi is a Vietnamese sandwich.    Around these parts, a Banh-Mi will usually set you back about $2. My friend Duy introduced me to his native country’s Banh-Mi several years ago. My relationship with the Banh-Mi started off very rocky when Duy forgot to mention that these sandwiches often feature raw jalapenos.  Once I … [Read more…]

Catch of the Day

Woke up this morning a little late, but we were on the lake by 8:30 or so. It wasn’t hot, but it was humid! Today was a strange day of fishing because I saw hundreds of fish, but they were not interested in biting our hooks. I can’t really say I blame them. The picture … [Read more…]

Shrimp Boilin’

  We struggle to find meals we can cook at home that are easy and don’t require us to spend our time after work doing dishes. In fact, I hate doing dishes so badly that I have been known to cry. I’ve also been known to throw away a few dishes when the thought of … [Read more…]


  My cousin’s five-year-old son, Parker, calls the early morning “dark-thirty”.    In the morning, I’m getting up to go fishing at “dark-thirty” with my husband. I call the early morning many things that are not appropriate for this site — for now, “dark-thirty” will do just fine.   I’m not sure what many of … [Read more…]

Happy Birthday!

Last night was Keely’s birthday party and I think it’s safe to say we all had a good time. Angee was my co-host for the day. She came to my house around three and we set everything up. It was hard not to eat everything before the party started at six.  I picked up the … [Read more…]

Keely’s Birthday

Wow! It’s late. So please excuse any typos you may see as I am dog tired. We are hosting Keely’s birthday party at our house today. It required a trip to Wal-Mart on my part so that proves that I truly love Keely. Just in case anyone questioned it!  And, damn The Pioneer Woman and … [Read more…]

Aunt Gail

  Tonight I’m going to dinner with my Aunt Gail. She is in town for a school conference and I always love to see her. After I talked to her today I thought about this picture that I have saved on my computer. That’s Aunt G in the center holding the trophies with an expression … [Read more…]