This section is for things we like. We are not paid reviewers and will feature only things we like and use.

Shop Good, Oklahoma City

Shop Good is a store that gives back. Here is a link to it’s website. I love the fact that when I buy something, part of my money goes to support a local charity. Some pieces, such as the beads I bought recently, directly benefit those who made the products. It feels like a win-win situation for sure!

Here are some photos of a gift I bought this week.

Big Sky Bread and Granola

Recently, we went on a search for a great local bakery. We live in the Oklahoma City area and quickly found that there aren’t too many local bread bakeries who are using whole wheat and whole grains for their products. We usually visit Great Harvest Bread Company when we visit Lawrence, Kansas and we were looking for something similar. We looked up Big Sky Bread in North Oklahoma City and it’s worth a visit if you live in the area. We really like their Three-Seed Bread and their homemade granola. The bread features poppy seeds, sesame seeds and sunflower seeds. You can visit their website here.  Big Sky Bread is now a staple for us and the granola is fantastic. It has inspired us to start experimenting with our own granola mix.


Plantlife Soap

We recently discovered Plantlife Herbal Soaps at our local health food store. The scents are great and seem friendly even to sensitive skin. Here is a link to their online store: Plantlife. I can’t resist Patchouli, but that’s just the Dirtshoe in me!


Joel Gott Wine

We really like this Cabernet Sauvignon 815 by Joel Gott. It’s a California Wine. We are not wine experts by a long shot, but this cab is a great find. I’m not even going to try to pull out a wine-tasting vocabulary here, but trust me. If you see this on the menu or at your local liquor store — try it!


Chinese Brass Hardware

We love the hardware from Yellow Mountain Imports.


Here’s a buffet that Nate made for our dining room using hardware from this company.